Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Long Overdue Update

Well due to one thing and another the blog has been neglected :-( Suffice to say i have now fully recovered from a 2 week flu/viral infection which left me floored but suffice to say I was well looked after not only by my NHS Doctor but also by Doc Roscoe, who lay beside me the whole day when  was laid up in bed, I am sure had I asked him to get me more Lucozade he would have tried! And the health of family members which was quite all consuming has now also improved :-) Though Roscoe was very good at licking away the many tears and giving cuddles!

There is way too much to catch up on so I will try a sort of bullet point approach so that if you are interested you can see how far we have come in the 9 weeks we have had Roscoe. There is still a lot of adventures and fun ahead but it looks like Roscoe is happy to have us look after him

Roscoe is now happy to be left alone (although he has discovered that no matter where we put the cats food he can find it and eat it - all well and good but its prescription food at £23 a small bag!!! On the plus side it must be tastier than the cats tray as he leaves that alone now!!)

Toots and Roscoe continue to bond extremely well and enjoy sharing cuddles together

We had our 1st holiday away with Roscoe, although he was a bit unsure I think he liked it and we hope he now realises that home is here with us. He was very whiny in the car and wouldn't settle (This continues to be an ongoing problem and we are currently teaching him "Quiet" without too much success!) and when we got to the fabulous Shepherds Hut at Loch Lomond he was quite confused, but he did like the long walks along parts of the West Highland Way and enjoying his 1st swim in a Scottish Loch (Loch Lomond)

He was also treated to an easier way to see Loch Lomond as we took a pleasure cruise on the Loch from Balmaha to Luss, it was a shame about the weather as it was drizzly and Grey but Roscoe found his sea or should I say Loch Legs

All in all I think his 1st holiday with us was a success and once we work on and succeed at quiet the car journeys will be much more enjoyable for all! Another 1st was Roscoe's 1st time at a pub in his home town as we enjoyed the 1st and possibly only day of summer, it is a shame the photo is not the best but I somehow like this next pic

We have also been on a couple of walks with the couple who fostered Roscoe and their foster fail Astrid who is a young bitch and they get on very well and enjoy playing and running together and we hope to make this a regular thing.

We have had many enjoyable outings and new walks to the beach

The park

And many other places including a walk in the busy town. Nothing seems to phase Roscoe he s fabulous with adults, kids and other dogs even small yappy dogs and growly unfriendly (off lead) dogs. The only time he has been even a little upset was when a big hairy Alsatian tried to mount him and even then he just warned him and then carried on playing with Kong!!

All in all he is a fabulous lad and we have to wonder how, like so many others, he ended up in the pound. I have just interrupted the typing of this blog to put in some eye drops as Roscoe has a touch of conjunctivitis, yesterday was a battle of wills and Staffy heads v humans! but this morning was much calmer and went without event he seems to have accepted we are not going to hurt him :-)

So that is the update till next time which should be sooner and until then we will continue to introduce Roscoe to new experiences and to work on his car travelling and excitability when we are going out for a walk (our theory for that at the minute is picking up the lead several times without actually going out and the front door does not get opened until we have a calm sit and when outside if he starts to pull or yip excitedly we calmly walk back toward the door until we have seems to be sinking in, but there is a lot of Staffy head for it to penetrate!!