Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer continues

Well what a fabulous day we had last Sunday. The sun shone the sky was blue as we headed off to St Andrews (Where Prince William and Kate Middleton went to university and met). It is a beautiful little town with amazing beaches, there are 3 to choose from. We headed to the largest of the 3, and the pictures show just how quiet the beach was considering it was the 2nd hottest day this year. It was lovely, some dog walkers, some swimmers and some families enjoying a day out but still plenty beach to enjoy

Here are some photos of Roscoe enjoying the sea, i had gone in for a paddle and he came too!!

After the beach we had a lovely stroll round St Andrews and headed to a little pub for lunch we sat outside eating freshly made baguettes and drinking ice cold drinks, Roscoe enjoyed some water with ice cubes in it and a piece of my steak baguette and a bit of his dads chicken and bacon baguette.

We then headed out along the sea wall towards the cathedral for an afternoon wander here are a couple of photos from the walk

And our week was completed with the delivery of two lovely pieces of art work from our wonderful friend Pat Elliot she is an extremely creative and artistic lady and she kindly sent us two pieces of art of Roscoe. The 1st of him with his Best in Rescue win at Camperdown fun show, and the 2nd of him running through the wild flowers on Orkney

I think you will agree she is fabulously talented. More about Pat and her work can be found HERE

Hopefully today's sea harr will lift and the sun will come out to play as we both have a weekend off and want to go off on another adventure with Roscoe 

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  1. Roscoe looks so happy in the water. What a lucky boy to be homed with you - and to have so many fabulous places to visit.
    Thank you for the very kind comments on my painting. xx