Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Raising Funds for Street Dogs in Romania

Saturday saw a beautiful sunny day and an outing to a local park for a fun dog show hosted by Dapper Dogs Dundee the purpose of the show was to raise funds for Petrosani Dog Shelter which rescues and rehomes street dogs in Romania and gives them a 2nd chance.

This 2nd chance was all to evident in the faces and eyes of some of the lucky ones who have made it to a home here in the uk who attended the show. The best in show was a beautiful Rommie dog called Donna, her tail never stopped and she was a character. So pleased for her

Roscoe got 6th place in Best Veteran Class and 4th place in Best Rescue :-)

The sun shone and we raised £712 for the shelter a fabulous day out rounded off by a cold beer in a dog friendly local :-)
Here is Roscoe in the ring

Roscoe with his Auntie Kirsty(the lady who did her 1st transport run with Roscoe when he was known as Harry and when he made his way to his Staffie Smile foster home in Scotland) and his best bud Caesar - 2 male rescue staffs together - who says they are a dangerous breed

The reserve best in show (Dizzy the Lab/retreiever) and Best in Show Donna the ex Romanian Street dog

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