Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Finding Roscoe

After filling in the potential adopter form for Any Staffie'll Do we were contacted by them and a home visit was arranged. We chatted about our expectations and what we were looking for in our potential new dog and then had a quick look round our house and garden.

Later that same day I received a message from the rescue suggesting dogs that may be suitable we arranged to go see a 1 year old at the weekend, it was a 70 odd mile journey so we decided to make it a day out. We met Eddie and he was lovely but a little cautious of Stuart (who can blame him who knows what he has been through in his short life) but he did come round quickly, we took him for a walk and for a young dog he behaved fabulously. We spent some time with his foster mum and chatted and said we would be in touch.

The drive home was strange we started to talk about having Eddie as part of our family and the enormity of losing Ben hit us both hard were we doing the right thing? Of course we were but it was like a delayed shock and we decided the best remedy for shock was to stop for a nice lunch at a country pub.

During lunch we both agreed Eddie would be a fabulous dog and had so much potential but would also need a lot of work as he was just a pup and as mentioned who knows what he has experienced so far in his life.

We decided we would like to meet another dog or 2 before making any decisions.

We contacted the rescue to ask about Harry who had 1st caught my eye on the initial visit to the website - but at 7 he was slightly older than we were looking for. But we decided we would go and visit him, so we arranged to go and see him.

We went to meet him and were greeted by a large red Staffy with a tennis ball in his mouth, he was very excited to see us and it was clear he loved cuddles and had bonded well with his foster mum and dad and there was also a cat in the house however Harrys over exuberance to play with the cat resulted in the cat running and Harry chasing, but always with his ball in his mouth!

It was also clear that Harry did not know his name so there was the potential to change it!

We spent a couple of hours with Harry and left saying we would think about things, the car journey home this time was very different somehow we quickly found ourselves discussing dog names and what new name would suit Harry. By the time we got home the 1st thing  we did was log on to look up name meanings and by the end of the night we had decided on Sandy or Brodie!

WE contacted the rescue and said we were interested and then sat discussing things and the name Roscoe came in to my head, we had wanted a Scottish name but I could justify that Ros was a derivative of Ross - a very Scottish name and of course Roscoe a character in the Dukes of Hazzard a programme we grew up with....and so the name Roscoe was chosen!

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