Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Its been over a week now

Well Roscoe has now been with us 9 days and what a fun 9 days it has been.
He is a smart dog and definitely knows his name now and is being walked off lead - we started by taking him to the tennis courts so it was a fully enclosed area and let him off but we did this for 3 days and each time his recall was 100% so he now gets off lead in the park, This is when he is happiest he runs with his ears forward and his tail wagging He truly looks happy, when o lead and even around the house he isn't a really waggy tail dog but he loves the park

We are still having slight issues with him being left alone when we go to work Wednesday was the 1st day he had been left for any great length of time and as I parked the car after finishing work this is the scene I was met with!
I guess he wanted to see out, but on a serious note it did not even occur to us that vertical blinds could be dangerous! He could easily have got caught or injured. So we removed the bottom chain and cut the pull cords in 2 so he couldn't hang himself and the next day we left the blinds open so he could see out without having to launch himself at the blinds! And that seemed to work as since the Wednesday we have not come back to blinds and curtains everywhere.
We are leaving without any fuss and when we come back in we do not pay him any attention until he is settled and he seems to be getting the idea :-)
Friday saw a trip  to the vets to have his neutering scar checked out, the vet nurse was very happy with it and removed 1 of the 2 stitches, it appears Roscoe removed the other himself!!
We mentioned that he had had an upset tummy as on Friday morning he had very bad diarrhoea and the foamy diarrhoea and then he vomited white foam as well, the vet said not to worry it was probably just all the stress and changes he had been through.
As I write this on Saturday he was a bit better this morning and we are feeding him chicken and rice for a few days in the hope it will settle but we will keep a close eye on him.
As this is Easter weekend and Roscoe can't have chocolate we will take him to the beach at some point and see what he makes of the sea (though it is a bit chilly)

We also treated him to a new collar and lead and his name tag arrived (we have put our name not his on the tag a good tip so if he is found or stolen then no one knows his name)
Here he is looking beautiful and you can just about see his new collar


  1. Glad to hear Roscoe is enjoying his off lead time - and how wonderful his recall is so good!
    Hope the two days of chicken and rice does the trick for his upset tum - and that you have a fab time on the beach! Photos from there, please :)

  2. Hopped over here from Pat's blog...happy to read of your rescue pup and hope things continue to go well. :)
    Jacque (aka Snoodles at Lilypadquilting and Padsworth's Project)