Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Monday, 25 March 2013

Official adoption and our 1st mistake

Today was a big day Kirsty from the rescue was coming over to see how things were and to bring a home trial or adopter form.

But before we start on our exciting day I will tell you about our mistake on Sat night/Sun Morning. Entirely our fault but as this blog is the good and the bad and clearly here the stupid I will share with you all.

After my Friday night not sleeping I was shattered and went through to bed Roscoe came too and jumped up, when told to get OFF he did no bother and trotted through to living room. So later when I was asleep he trotted back to see me (presumably to check I hadn't fled the house!) and decided it was fair game to get up on the bed, Stuart assumed he was fine and carried on watching TV. At just after midnight Stuart came to get him for last pee to find him on the bed, he told him off and straight away Roscoe jumped off the bed. He went out for a widdle came back in and jumped back up on the bed. Stuart did his teeth put lights out etc and came through (very different to the routine of the 1st 2 nights) as he came into the bedroom in the dark fumbling his way around in the dark In the dark Stuart must have touched Roscoe's back or shoulder whilst looking for his collar (he didn't want to say off for fear of waking me - again a break to routine) Poor Roscoe got a fright and barked at Stuart poor Stuart got a fright and poor me who was sound asleep got a huge fright!!

I woke up shouting off which Roscoe did straight away no bother and came through to the living room Stuart followed him through and they were very quickly pals again, but a lesson we learned and and it was entirely our fault. So then Stuart sat through put the TV back on sat for another good while and repeated the going to bed routine we had practised the 1st 2 nights.

So anyway back to Sunday up in the morning and a wander round the block and all was well after another quiet night.

A day trying to set up a blog!! (this blog) and activate twitter, then Stuart headed to a family birthday, it would have been too much excitement for Roscoe and too long to leave him so I stayed with him. We went for a wander in the park, in the snow and hail


When we got home we had a short wait and Kirsty arrived from the rescue, she had only brought the adoption papers as was pretty sure he wasn't going anywhere which was true!
We had a chat and I told her I was a wee bit worried as roscoe hadn't eaten his breakfast but that when I had taken him to the park he had been right and active. She put my mind at rest and said it would be down to everything he had been through in the last few days and weeks and yet again another change in his food. She said if he didn't improve or if I was still worried in a day or 2 we could sort out a vets visit.
She had a look at his neutering scar which I had also been a bit concerned about, but said it was looking fine, yes it was a bit red but there was no yellowing or signs of pus so she was not concerned. I was happy to report that Roscoe had learnt his name and that we had ordered a name tag which should be with us on Monday (we were using a key ring tag we could write on till it arrived) and that we were walking him on a long line but he was very responsive and eager to come back. So a continued chat where we ended up speaking about weddings and then some paperwork and Roscoe was adopted!
So as a special treat, later in the evening we worked on close encounters of the cat kind again with the trusty cooked chicken we fed both Roscoe and Toot bits of chicken edging them closer and closer together and always making sure Toots got the 1st and last bit, and the end result was
And at bedtime we revered back to our original tried and tested routine to avoid unnecessary frights for everyone!

Have decided for practical reasons to do 2 updates a week on the blog so there will be 1 midweek and 1 at the weekend from now on hope that will make it easier to follow

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