Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Monday, 25 March 2013


Well luckily today Stuart was off work, I on the other hand had to go to work! So I was up t the back of 6am and I got up switched on the hall light and Roscoe was curled up on the sofa, he lifted his head and started to make little happy yippy noises I just ignored him (hard as it was!) I didn't make eye contact didn't talk I went straight to the bathroom and showered and dressed then came through opened the baby gate and walked in again trying very hard not to make any fuss at all!

Once Roscoe was calm, after bringing me every toy he could find I calmly spoke to him by calling his name and gently stroking him when he was settled we headed out the back so he could "go widdle"

Then we came back in and Roscoe decided to try with every toy once more! After my breakfast We had an exercise in sitting to get his lead on and then a longer exercise in learning the front door does not open until he stops Yipping excitedly!!!  This did take several attempts as even when quiet every time I went to the handle the yipping would start so I just stopped and stood still till quiet and then tried again.

Eventually we headed off round the block for a walk. Then it was time to  go to work the only good thing was I would get a coffee break at home so would get to see him later so I calmly shut baby gate and went out without saying anything at all leaving Stuart sleeping and Roscoe pacing and whimpering.

Soon it was time for my break and I headed home to find a locked door assuming Stuart must be out walking him I let myself in to find both baby gates open the house in darkness and Roscoe on the bed with Stuart!!! I was beginning to wonder if I could use cooked chicken to train Stuart as easily as Roscoe. When I woke Stuart and asked why the open baby gates and dog on bed the reply was straightforward - "He wanted to be with me"! The makings of a Daddy's boy then ...

All to soon it was back to work but 5 O clock came round and I went home to see him with a new toy. Stuart had been practising going in and out of the house all day to try and get him used to the fact we would come back so about an hour after I came home he was rewarded with his new toy

I have to say he loved it and had fabulous fun with it but it did only last about 10 minutes before it ended up in the bin as he had chewed through the links!

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