Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A lovely weekend and 1st shot at agility

Well finally summer has arrived along with some glorious sunshine on what was arguably the best weekend of the year so far. Saturday however found me working all day whilst Roscoe and his dad "enjoyed" a day of  watching Sky Sports interrupted only for  walk in the park.

The preceding week had seen Roscoe's touch of conjunctivitis clear up with the help of the antibiotic treatment from the vets so his eyes were looking good again (it will become apparent later why this is an important point!)

So Sunday was off to Angus Dog Activity club's open day in conjunction with Angus college. This was a fun day with a try your hand at agility/terrier racing and a fun dog show. It was a beautiful day. We arrived and met up with Kirsty and Caesar from Any Staffie'll do rescue and also Rosie with Boo, Dylan and Whitney (4 weeks ago Whitney an elderly lady had been handed in to a vets down south to be put to sleep but ASDR rescued her)

Stuart took Roscoe round the agility, he was fine with the jumps, hated the tunnels, was wary of the A-frame and leapt off the top of the high walk and could see no point in weave!! But his tail never stopped!!

We entered the best veteran class and we were robbed LOL Didn't even get placed but lovely Whitney came 1st and very well deserved it was too. Next up was most handsome dog and again we was robbed!! no place but Caesar got a well deserved 2nd. Then we had most appealing eyes and thanks to the antibiotic drops Roscoe got his 1st rosette with us and he came 2nd in the most appealing eyes class. Then we had dog the judge would most like to take home, again no places but a gorgeous Rottie got 1st place.

All in all it was fun and a great chance to socialise and mix with dogs people and children, some in face paints and carrying large objects like inflatable hammers and of course plenty of ice-cream and Roscoe behaved impeccably.

After the classes I tried the agility and this ime was a bit better, again his tail wagged the whole time and he was much happier with the A frame, managed 1 tunnel(with the help of a tennis ball) and after a few attempts did the high walk

If you look closely you can see Roscoe on the high walk!

We then had a go at terrier racing and Roscoe saw as much point in that as he did the weave poles. He was more interested in running to anyone who would speak to him than chasing the lure!!

But all in all it was as it said on the tin, a fun day out with a rosette to boot

Then on the way home we stopped for a walk at Roscoe's favourite beach, and enjoyed the last of the late sunshine.

All in all a lovely weekend with lovely weather and lots of fun.

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  1. Of course he had to get a second place - its a blue rosette. No self respecting boy would want any different.
    What a lovely day you had and how happy Roscoe looks in his beach photo. Glad to hear he's enjoying life. x