Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Preparation" for Scrufts and a new family member!

Well after our "success" at the Arbroath funday we aim to go to Scrufts fun show this weekend. Scrufts is a dog show for non pedigree dogs and is basically the cross breed Crufts. There are a few classes and we will be entering The Best Rescue category and also the Best Veteran. It's all a bit of a fun and to be honest we are entering more to show the soft side of Staffies and how soft and dopey they can be. We have been practicing sit and stand as last week all Roscoe wanted to do was to lie down. If the weather holds we may well try to bath Roscoe - that will definitely necessitate a post!! As he is not very good with rain and his foster carers tried to bath him with very little success. Pictures will follow this weekend!

We have a "new family member" or more of a lovely reminder of an old family member. An online friend Pamela Duthie who makes Feltie models of dogs sent us a lovely model of Ben our late dog and the dog who 1st introduced us to Staffies

here is Toots inspecting "Ben"

Pam's details can be found HERE on the Etsy Website and you can buy items and see her work and contact her to request your very own Feltie, the detail is amazing. "Ben" has now been put out of reach of both Roscoe and Toots and he is standing proudly on the shelf in the living room.

Now it is time to go and enjoy some of that rare Scottish sunshine and take Roscoe for his morning wander to the park.

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  1. Good luck in Scruffts, Roscoe. You'll definitely show everyone the Staffy soft side :)

    and what a lovely feltie from Pam. I have one of her bookmark splats of my dog :)