Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Sunday, 9 June 2013

No joy at Scrufts but Best Rescue at the Companion Show

Well Saturday was a beautiful sunny day for the Scottish heat of Scrufts and the associated Companion Dog Show. It was, if anything too warm so we took shelter from the sun's heat inside a covered tent area.

First up was Scrufts (which is the equivalent of Crufts for crossbreeds) and we entered best rescue and most handsome dog aged 3 - 7) Sadly we weren't even selected for the shortlist although the dog that won most handsome was a lovely collie cross who was really handsome. However as this was only Roscoe's 2nd show he was wonderful and seemed happier than last week with his tail wagging and an almost staffy smile.

We met up with Roscoe's new best friend Caesar another rescue dog, they are both male and both rescues and only met for the 1st time 7 days ago and here thy are doing their very best best friend seal impersonations

Later in the afternoon and we had a picnic lunch (when we did sit out in the sun) we headed to the companion show we entered Most Handsome Dog, Best Rescue, Most adorable eyes and Judge the dog would like to take home.  Neither Caesar nor Roscoe were picked for short list in Most Handsome Dog....they were robbed LOL

Both were in best rescue and to our amazement Roscoe was picked to be 1st place, the judge spent  bit of time asking the story of each dog and how long the owners had owned them for etc, it was nice to see a judge who seemed genuinely interested in the dogs. Here he is with his 1st prize rosette he also got a frisbee with a ball in the middle (photos to follow in next update!)

The adorable eyes and the dog the judge would most like to take home also resulted in no short listing for Roscoe but Caesar was placed in the dog the Judge would most like to take home.  The judge may have not noticed the adorable eyes but here is Roscoe clearly adoring his dad

Hopefully this week we will start classes with Roscoe although he is very very obedient there are some things he is very unsure of like the commands wait and stay he looks genuinely worried that he will be left when we try these commands so hoping to build a strong bond so he knows he is here with us for keeps. Also think he will enjoy the social aspect as he is fabulous with dogs and people so hoping he will enjoy the classes. The 1st one will be on Tuesday night if I can get in touch with the lady who runs it as quite rightly she wants to see vaccination cards but Roscoe's is in his old name of Harry! He suits Roscoe much better :-)

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  1. Congratulations, Roscoe. Best rescue - what a boy!
    I'm sure he'll love the training classes, once the lady sees past the name change.