Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Succesful Roscoe Adoption

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Roscoe in Orkney - part one!

Just a very quick update as Roscoe is on his holidays :-)

Right now he is probably the most northerly Any Staffie'll Do rescue doggie as we are on Orkney

He travelled very well considering he is not a huge fan of the car and settled down after about an hour and decided he wanted to lie in the back passenger footwells and there he stayed for the rest of the journey, and today went back there when we were driving about!

There will be an overload of photos when we get home but for now here he is enjoying his 1st morning walk on Orkney Mainland

We have visited an ancient stone-age burial site today at The Tomb Of The Eagles which was very interesting and Roscoe got to actually go inside the tomb, he found it far easier to get in and out than I did (and yes there are photos!!)

So a very quick update but wanted to keep you up to date on Roving Roscoe!!!

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  1. What a well travelled dog you are, Roscoe! Enjoy your break :) x